Press release – 31.08.2020

A-klinikka Oy and Neubit Oy to develop biofeedback tools for substance abuse treatment

A-klinikka Oy and Neubit Oy announce a partnership to develop biofeedback tools for substance abuse treatment. The aim of the cooperation is to create new services that support recovery from substance abuse problems and complement existing treatment services.

Biofeedback tools measure human physiological activities and provide feedback based on it, in a beneficial form to the user. As an example, you can use the tool to monitor changes in the heart rate variability. With an increase in heart rate, the tool can offer breathing exercises to relieve the feeling of stress and anxiety. In substance abuse treatment, the tools make it possible to offer patients with more concise and individual treatment support.

“We want to boldly develop new, innovative methods with which we can support patient recovery. Biofeedback tools are based on human body functionality and offer a nondrug treatment alternative. The tools complement our existing services in an innovative way” – says Kaarlo Simojoki, CEO of A-klinikka Oy.

Data gathered through the tools can be utilized to monitor rehabilitation in substance abuse treatment. This allows for more precise verification of treatment effectiveness. The tools can be used in conjunction with both digital as well as more traditional substance abuse prevention services.

“Partnership between A-klinikka Oy and Neubit Oy sets the foundation for groundbreaking development work, thanks to which we can renew and modernize substance abuse treatment” – continues Kaarlo Simojoki.

The guiding principal of Neubit operations is to produce information from individual physiological data that can be used to guide and change an individual’s behavior and actions in the direction of defined goals. Substance abuse treatment provides a very suitable framework for this,

“Above all, A-klinikka Oy is a highly appreciated partner due to their expertise in online therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.” – says Marko Reponen the CEO of Neubit Oy.

For more information:

Kaarlo Simojoki
CEO, Medical Director
A-klinikka Oy
Tel. +358 40 5731 083

Marko Reponen
CEO, Neubit Oy
Tel. +358 40 768 7246

A-klinikka Oy offers a wide range of substance abuse and mental health services. We employ 500 health care professionals. Our services range from digital services to 24-hour clinical care. We offer our services to municipalities, joint municipal authorities, occupational health care, companies, as well as private customers.

Neubit Oy was founded in 2020 with the aim to develop biofeedback technology. Our products are designed to assist individual adaptation and learning to help people thrive in an increasingly demanding and stressful environment. The products can be utilized for stress management and cognitive performance improvement, as well as part of a wider treatment protocols.