Biofeedback tools to help people thrive in an increasingly stressful world

Stress is an asset

Stress is a normal part of everyday life. It is a normal reaction to challenges you face, and it helps overcome them. Problems arise when you are exposed to stressors for an extended period without a chance to recover. In modern work life, a number of stressors pile up and we do not have biological means to recover from them. That is why stress has become one of the greatest threats to our health and wellbeing. Luckily, we can tackle this problem with the help of biofeedback training and other applied neuroscience methods. Let us turn stress in to an asset.

Using Neubit biofeedback training relieves chronic stress and helps you to gain and strengthen skills that help in managing stress in everyday life. The training is based on principles of multiple concurrent biofeedback training methods and other applied neuroscience methods. The training sessions can be personalized based on your personal biodata from the mobile app. You will also receive personalized psychoeducation, based on the biodata from the mobile app that helps you put the learned techniques into practice whenever needed.

Neubit Biofeedback Training

Biofeedback training is a method that helps in achieving control in involuntary body functions. During training, you use specific devices with sensors, which provide feedback about functions of your body. This may include measurements such as HRV, EEG and skin temperature.

In order to gain results and learn, merely measuring body functions is not enough. Individual data must be turned into actionable knowledge along with processes, which involve technology that assists self-directed training and transformation. This knowledge helps you slow your heart rate down, lower your blood pressure, calm your sympathetic nervous system, and optimize your brain-wave patterns among others. Such knowledge helps you to build resilience and allows you to mitigate your day-to-day stress better.

Neubit biofeedback training combines multiple biofeedback therapy methods that come together in form of personalized training and recovery sessions. We apply machine learning, cloud computing and mobile technology to bring Neubit biofeedback training to where and when it is mostly needed.

The Team

We are Neubit, an interdisciplinary team with passion to create applied neuroscience technology solutions that enhance wellbeing.

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