Biofeedback Chair

The Biofeedback Chair utilizes multiple biofeedback therapy methods to form personalized training and recovery sessions that guide you in managing stress and building resilience.

The feedback mechanism on your physiological processes is conveniently integrated in the padding of the chair. It comes in the form of audio and low frequency vibrations, making the training an immersive experience.

The best way to understand what the Biofeedback Chair can do for you is by experiencing it.

What is biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a mind–body technique in which you learn how to modify your physiology for the purpose of improving physical, mental, and emotional health.

Biofeedback provides meaningful information about physiological processes, including breathing, and helps you become aware of your internal processes. It helps in understanding that the mind and body affect each other.

Biofeedback is a self‐regulation technique through which you learn to voluntarily control what were once thought to be involuntary body processes. This intervention requires specialized equipment, such as our Biofeedback Chair, to convert physiological signals into meaningful visual and auditory cues

How to harness stress

Stress is a normal part of everyday life. It is a normal reaction to challenges you face, and it helps you to overcome them. Problems arise when you are exposed to stressors for an extended period without change to recovery. In modern work life, the numbers of stressors are multiplying and we don’t have a biological means to recover from them. That is why stress has become one of the greatest threats to our health and wellbeing.

For us to recover, we need to find a balance. For some of us a walk in nature helps, while others need a physical workout. However, what we all have in common is breathing. The effects of breathing exercises are manifold: the mind calms down, blood pressure and heart rate fall, memory and concentration are enhanced, uncontrollable cravings are easier to control, we breathe more slowly so we cope better and therefore recover better also from sports performance.