Petra Teräsaho about biofeedback training: more focus and better sleep

Neubit’s Biofeedback training has been tested by nearly 500 people from CEOs to top athletes and knowledge workers to housewives. Some people have wanted to do the Neubit biofeedback training on more regular basis to build resilience and cope with stress. Petra has been training for more than two months now and we think her story is worth sharing.

Petra has several years of work experience in Finnish companies in finance leadership positions and she is also a professional board member in two companies. Petra’s work weeks are busy and demanding. Exercise has always been important to Petra when it comes to recovery. Petra ́s favorite sports are yoga, pilates, cross country skiing, golf, walking and gym. Petra became acquainted with yoga in India when she was working for Nokia during 2007-2012.

We met Petra for the first time in early January when she had her first Neubit Biofeedback training. It was Friday and the work week was coming to an end. The first exercise was a success and Petra described feeling relaxed. After a couple of days we asked how she was feeling. Petra had noticed that her sleep had been improved which could be verified by the data of her smart ring. We agreed on a new training at the end of following week. The same pattern was repeated, the night’s sleep was peaceful and Petra also began to notice that after doing the exercise in the chair she was more energized. We decided to try the training in the middle of the week. We wanted to know if better sleep could be repeated in the middle of the work week. And it did happen again. As a conclusion in Petra ́s case biofeedback training improves her sleep. Petra is clearly finding a way to sleep better and on the other hand after biofeedback training she is more energetic.

Petra describes the breathing exercise in the chair: “The Biofeedback training is a good break in the middle of the day. One can easily set aside time for biofeedback training from the calendar. After the training it feels easier to focus.” Everyday life is so stressful that a microbreak during the day is a good idea. Petra thinks the Neubit biofeedback is suitable for anyone. The training time, 15 minutes, goes by fast. “I just focus on breathing and I get my head empty.”

Neubit Oy was founded in 2020 with the aim to develop biofeedback technology. Our products are designed to assist individual adaptation and learning to help people thrive in an increasingly demanding and stressful environment. The products can be utilized for stress management and cognitive performance improvement, as well as part of a wider treatment protocols.

Petra Teräsaho